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Community Events

Matson Hill Hike

Saint Louis Singles Outdoor Adventure Group

We will hike the Matson Hill Loop and another trail for a total of 4-5 miles. I have never hiked these trails before, so am not sure about the difficulty. We will slow down if necessary and take breaks. Bring water, insect repellent, hiking poles...

Writing Group - Prompt/Exercise Night - LITERARY CANONS (con't) Personal Canons

The Monarch Writers

We continue our discussion this month of the Literary Canon --the ‘great works’ that you might hear a professor assign as the must-reads on a syllabus for a literature survey course-- and stick to the points we have made about any such list...

Monday Racquetball Meetup

STL Racquetball

Hudlin Park! Meet around 6. Parking on the street is free, the lot is metered, and the garage is like $2 an hour.

Have a Great Fourth of July……

July 1st, 2016 by Wendy Haglin

  Stay Safe and Stay Cool over this long holiday Weekend…. All the best Wendy

FRIDAY FOCUS – 10 Ways to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Costs

December 4th, 2015 by Wendy Haglin

Try these tips to help save some money 1. Raise your deductible. If you can afford to pay more toward a loss that occurs, your premiums will be lower. 2. Buy your homeowners and auto policies from the same company and you’ll usually qualify for a discount. But make sure that the savings really yields […]

Hope your Holiday is Wonderful……

November 25th, 2015 by Wendy Haglin

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